Heirs of The Night Part 1 : Meet the European Vampire Heirs

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This time, I'm seeing a potential popularity from a European serial known as Heirs of the Nights which is broadcasted also in Indonesia through NET TV. 
So, not taking a long time, here is the details about the movie! 

Kindly reminder that this article contents Spoilers!

Heirs of the Night is a television series created and written by Maria von Heland and Diedrik van Rooijen, and directed by Diedrick van Rooijen. The story based on the book series Die Erben der Nacht by a German writer, Ulrike Schweikert (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heirs_of_the_Night)

The production seems involving many european countries and actors. It was produced by the Dutch Lemming Film in collab with Hamster Film, Maze Pictures and Maipo Film.

Plot Story
The movie is set in 1889 and tells about descendants of Count Dracula. At the opening, it is told that when Dracula and his beloved wife Elisabetha seek for eternal life, a vampire coming to them instead and offering the power, but then they changed to be a monster. Dracula then lost his wife, and Elisabetha's blood together with Dracula's tears were formed into 13 powerful rubies stone which later was owned by 13 powerful clans of vampires.

At a one time, those clans chose to fight each other to get all the rubies and to power up their own clans, which triggered a Clan War. Because of the war, they have lost so many and only 5 clans remain: Dracas from Norway, Nosferas from Italy, Vyrad from England, Pyras from France, and Vamalia from Germany. They all have the rubies which ready to pass to their heirs.
On the other side, there id human group called the Red Mask who dedicated themselves to kill al vampires just like Van Helsing!

At the first episode is shown that a Dracas' heir, Lars af Dracas is spying the elders discussing about their issue of extinction and the way to survive, especially from the Red Mask. Dracas was known as their superiority and cruelty including how the Dracas' leader, Baron Magnus af Dracas treat his own son, Lars. All the 5 clans elders then communicate and decide to gather their heirs and educate them to be ready as the next generation.

While at Hamburg, Germany, Alisa von Vamalia whos living together with her grandmother Dame Elina, her little brother Tammo, and a shadow Hendrik, feels so bored after staying in the house for such a long time. Then, she is determined to go outside without knowing the consequences. She meets a human boy name Nicu but then she almost captured by Red Mask. This accident triggers Red Masks to invade their house. All the family then escape with the help of Baron Magnus who just landed in German with Elisabetha Ship. 

Alisa then joins with the other 5 clans on the ship and meet all the elders and their heirs. Alisa feels something strange about her body. Her hand shows a spark, then when the spark is appearing, she can see the Dracula awakes from his long time sleep after sealed by the clans 300 years ago. Dracula then going to his castle and ready to do anything to revive his beloved wife which can be done by collecting all the rubies. He commands an Upiry (bats, the using the Ruby power of Lycana, he transforms the bat into human vampire, her name is Tonka). She is ready to serve her master by stealing the rubies from the clans. 

Back to Elisabetha ship, Alisa is going out of her coffin and walking up to the deck. She is impressed with the sea but then Lars pulls her body and hides her from the sight of his father, Baron Magnus. Dracas' special ability is to communicate with their minds as well as to read other minds, so they communicate with their minds for their safety. Without knowing that Lars is Baron Magnus' son, Alisa is saying something bad about Dracas and the leader which makes Lars angry and leaves her alone.

All the heirs are gathers, led by Count Claudio, they are starting a Vampire School at the ship. All the elders agreed to join hands to survive and safe their kind, so their heirs need to learn about each clan's powers over the next view weeks.

  • Dracas with Lars and his cousins, Fanny and Inger.
  • Nosferas with Luciano.
  • Vyrad with Malcolm.
  • Pyras with Joanne.
  • and Vamalia with Alisa and Tammo.

They start to learn together and become stronger to live another night.


  • Anastasia Martin as Alisa von Vamalia
  • Ulrik William Græsli as Lars af Dracas
  • Aisling Sharkey as Ivy
  • Jordan Adene as Malcolm of Vyrad
  • Charlie Banks as Tammo von Vamalia
  • Liam Nicolosi as Luciano di Nosferas
  • Ines Høysæter Asserson as Inger af Dracas
  • Scarlett Rousset as Joanne de Pyras
  • Lance West as Nicu
  • Finian Duff Lennon as Seymour Of Lycana
  • Mina Dale as Fanny af Dracas
  • Vegar Hoel as Baron Magnus af Dracas
  • Hildegard Schmahl as Dame Elina von Vamalia
  • Francesco De Vito as Conte Claudio di Nosferas
  • Simonetta Bortolozzi as Contessa Viola di Nosferas
  • Annick Christiaens as Baroness Audrey De Peyra
  • Leo Wringer as Sir Milton of Vyrad
  • Eindride Eidsvold as Ragnar af Dracas
  • Pietro Ragusa as Signor Umberto
  • Sallie Harmsen as Tonka of Upiry
  • Julian Bleach as Dracula
  • Florian Bartholomäi as Hindrik
  • Lena Kvitvik as Karen af Dracas
  • Christina Chong as Calvina
  • Giovanni Dominoni as Deputy of Police
  • Anna Drijver as Lady Anna von Vamalia
  • Belinda Low as Noaidi
  • Antonio Scarpa as Dracula's Shadow
  • Monic Hendrickx as Elisabetha
  • Benja Bruijning as Abraham van Helsing
  • Tatjana Nardone as Raphaella
  • Stefan Weinert as Ger. Redmask Leader
  • Kenneth Åkerland Berg as Young Baron Magnus
  • Tihomir Kosic as Hamburg Redmask
  • Mario Vudric as Redmask

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