[SPECIAL GUNPLA] Top 10 Recommendation Gunpla For You!

When most of your friends have to choose boy/girlfriend, it's not the right time for you. You've got so many choices from those manly looking to the simplest one. In this case, you need to understand every part of them and make your final decision, except you have too much money to be put on your wallet. 

1. MG or Hi-Res Astray Red Frame.
There’s this unexplainable thing that you just love from a giant robot wields a samurai katana. This mobile suit just reeks and scream WEEABOO in an awesome way. Red and white color combination can’t never go wrong. The design is quite simple and sleek. It’s not too bulky and the range of movement it has is simply mouthwatering. The MG version of it is famous with it’s dual wielding style and the top-notch proportion. It will age well and fun to move around. The Hi-Res version is on another level. The kit shows more movement that even some human can’t do without breaking some stiff joint. This kit, is a must. The hi-res has a buffier look than the MG one. Pick one whatever you like, or maybe both. Both are awesome.

2. MG Sazabi ver.Ka
Enter the competition of giant kit and here comes the Sazabi. The full red color might be too much for some people, but that red color itself gives it much bigger than the already jumbo kit. The price might be quite steep, but the kit is just that brilliantly engineered that when Daban make a counterfeit of it, the counterfeit has 90% quality of the original. This one is the ver.Ka, which means the kit is push to the limit. There are lots and LOTS of gimmicks. Some shows the underneath armor, some even shows more articulation. You might think it will have bad articulation being so bulky and obese. But no, the articulation is unhindered whatsoever. This kit is so detailed intricated that you not just build an inner frame and outer frame, but you build 4 OF THEM. Yes, FOUR layers of armor, not even PG got that far. An inner frame, outer inner frame, inner outframe, and outframe. All of these are designed so that when the gimmicks show, you won’t have any bland cheap looking one piece of plastic that just lacks any detail. This kit is for those that yearns for details.

3. MG Jesta Cannon
Grunt suit is not for everyone. They are there because they ARE the cannon fodder. When they show up, mostly just to blow up and dead in brilliant color of destruction that the main mobile suit brings. But this suit, is just way too awesome looking to be a grunt suit. The Dark navy and gray color scheme just scream for an elite squad unit. It just looks so black-ops-ish that it brings out your childish imagination and drive it to a roller coaster of tactical vibe. The head is simple yet brilliantly designed. The backpack is simple and realistic. The riffle is tactical. The slight bulkiness from extra armor and ammunition didn’t decrease its articulation at all. The only down point for this kit is that this thing is a premium Bandai kit. Which means, unless you are satisfied with it’s not-premium brother Jesta, you have to find a seller that can provide you from Japan.

4. HG Revive RX-78-2
There tons of RX-78’s variant. There are even 4 variants of this mobile suit in MG. That’s not counting the limited product or the GOLD coating one. Or even the sculpted platinum one. Or the one that just comes in different color. The red one. The green one. The black one. The point is, there are TOO MANY variants of this kit to choose. Here’s when HG Revive version comes in. It is not as intricate as the RG or the MG ver.3.0. It is not as gymnastic as the Origin version. It does not have any opening hatch or gimmicks like the ver.Ka or the PG. It does not have any other color variant like the Char’s version or the gold or platinum version. It does not have many decals or even comes with a gunpla marker like the other HG set. But what it does, is just simply sit in between in the middle of all other variants. It’s like a kid that just like being normal, not stand out, completely moderate. And it is. When you have a flamboyant kit like Freedom or 00, you want it to be different. To be something more. But when the kit is just too old to messed up. too many variants. Too many half-assed designs. Too many used as a milking money. What you want, is just a completely normal and moderate kit. Like this one.

5. RG RX-178 Mk.II
There are two version of these kits. One in A.E.U.G. Color, which is white and black. Another one in T.I.T.A.N.S. Color, which is in black and blue color. The color is the only different, the armaments and the kit is completely same. First of all, this kit is considered an old type of RG. It means, the inner frame is pre-assembly. The pre-assembly inner frame is infamously being bad and has weak-ass joint. But this kit, is like Heracles from Fate series. Ichiban tsuyoi dakara. It. Is. Strong. You can wiggle it like a maniac and no parts will fall off. You can pose it daily with no end and the joint will not wears off. This kit is truly something else. The design is quite oldies and have some similarities with the original RX-78. But this kit is a beast compared to his predecessor. If you want a truly solid RG, this kit is the answer hands down.

6. HG Origin Zaku II Red Comet
The one and iconic mobile suit of Char Aznable. This kit unlike the RG version is solid and gives tons of articulation. It has the same destiny as his long time enemy, the RX-78. It has too many variants with no clear destination of where the kit is actually going to be. Being as the “first” mono-eye mobile suit, not counting the Zaku I, this kit is the one to balancing the many Gundam that you will have. This kit is packs with tons of weaponries, decals, and one solid color that truly lives up the title of “Red Comet”

7. MG GM Sniper II
Here comes another GM kit. This one may not have the “elite” vibe that Jesta Cannon has, but this kit covers it with the flexibility it has. A sniper pose is not something that a plamo can do easily. The neck must bend without being weird, hand must have huge maneuverability on the shoulder. Knee have to bend on a crouch position naturally. And this kit got it all. A simple kit hides perfectly like a stealth sniper between all other kit. Surprise you with its sniper riffle mounted on a shield. Perfection.

8. MG Aile Strike Gundam RM
There is another Aile Strike Gundam in MG line-up, but that one is an old kit that has many flaws. This ReMaster version is the better one with more proportional scale and it is awesome. Comes with the Aile Striker and an independent launching base, this kit is packed to brim with accessories that you never knew you need. This kit boxy design and uncovered inner frame gives that look that just basic and awesome. The launching stand base truly shows the pose that the mobile suit just taking off to battle. This kit also uses a dry transfer decals that some people miss out in the recent kit. If you are a Seed series’ fan, then this kit is a must.

9. HG Full Armor 7th Gundam
This kit is a diamond in HG line-up. Filled to the brim with details. Solid build that is more durable than any love story. Colorful but basic blue-white-red-yellow color scheme. This kit is simply brilliant. The huge and wide feet give absolute balance that you can put it for outdoor photography seasons without frustrated from falling over and over. This kit is just screaming to be played with. The old age of the kit vanished into thin air. This kit feels more premium than the recent boring HG kit. This kit is like your overly energetic grandparents that you love.

10. RG Unicorn Gundam
Another mobile suit that is being overly loved by Bandai but just failed everywhere. HG version? Brittle hand grenade. MG version? Weak joint and lame ass stickers. PG? Expensive as fuck and with the Full armor version, you can’t move a shit of that kit. Put the LED unit and you will be afraid of snapping the cable off from the friction. But this kit? This does put a smile on everyone face. This kit is awesome. It’s small, but it’s deadly. The transformation from Unicorn mode to Destroy mode is an absolute kill. Perfectly flawless. Built as solid as rock. Either you get the Full armor or the regular one, it’s just pure awesomeness everywhere.

Written By : Yonatan Yoyo special for Extalia Hobbies
Images : Google Images
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